Create Crowd-Pleasing Holiday Ham With Help From Pressure Cooker Recipe

Fresh ham and bread on wooden backgroundA holiday favorite that’s arguably an essential, Easter ham can certainly be considered a staple dish as part of this fast-approaching spring holiday. With help from your pressure cooker, preparing a ham for family and friends who are coming over to celebrate has never been easier.

Pressure cookers are uniquely positioned to not only prepare this dish quickly, but will impart and infuse a flavor sure to please guests. These kitchen appliances, which are becoming more popular as users realize the benefits and ease of use, use steam created from high pressure within the cooker to speed up the cooking process. For those looking to create a quality dish for all to enjoy, just gather the ingredients below and follow these nine easy steps.

Ingredients: A 10-pound ham, .5 cup of brown sugar, 30 whole cloves, 1 cup of pineapple juice, 1 cup of brown mustard.


1: Place the inner pot into the Power Pressure Cooker XL.

2: In a bowl, mix all of the ingredients together except for the ham and cloves.

3: With a paring knife, carve thin lines down the ham and place the whole cloves within approximately a half-inch apart.

4: Pour half of the ingredients mixture into the inner pot and place the ham within.

5: Place the lid on your pressure cooker, lock it and switch the pressure release valve to “closed.”

6: Press the “chicken/meat” button and then the “cook time selector” button twice until the time reads “1 hour.”

7: Once the timer reaches zero, the cooker will switch to “keep warm.” Press the “cancel” button and switch the pressure release valve to “open.” Remove the lid once all the steam has been released.

8: Remove the ham from the inner pot.

9: Slice ham for serving. Pour glaze from the pot over the ham.

Hungry yet? For more information on pressure cooker recipes, call 973-287-5159.


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