Gather Ingredients And Pressure Cooker To Make Weekend ‘Meal Prep’ A Breeze

one pot pasta with basil, cherry tomatoes, red onion, garlic, parsley mushroomsBeing starved for spare time doesn’t have to leave you starving. Given the ever-increasing list of daily responsibilities — from an 8-hour work day to commuting there and back plus having to take care of affairs for friends, family and yourself — we know how busy you are. Factor in finding the time to sit down and eat a decent  meal and you’ve barely got enough time left to sleep. It’s no wonder then that “meal prep” has become a favorite activity of home cooks everywhere. Taking a few hours out of a Saturday or Sunday to prepare food for the coming week has many benefits: Saving money through grocery shopping and not impulsive buys, eating healthier through pre-planned meals and not splurging for lunch and spending quality time at home with family or just yourself.


One of the most effective tools you can buy to help you along with this process is a power pressure cooker. These appliances simplify the cooking process by using an air-tight lid that makes cooking with steam a reality. Moreover, the pressure inside the cooker forces liquid into the foods you’re cooking  and locks in flavors. These appliances are also supremely simple to use, with just a handful of preset cooking options that allow you to select the type of food you’re cooking. The time you’ll actually spend in the kitchen waiting for a main course to finish cooking is dramatically decreased thanks to the way these power pressure cookers work. In fact, the appliances are known to cook meals up to 70 percent faster than by using a conventional oven.


If you’re looking to save time and money while not skimping on quality ingredients and meals, then a power pressure cooker is likely the way to go. These appliances can cook everything from pot roasts to soups to deserts like bread pudding. We encourage you to take time out this weekend and spend a few hours in the kitchen. We’re sure you’ll appreciate the benefits you’ve reaped throughout the week!


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