Answering Your Electric Pressure Cooker Questions

An electric pressure cooker can be a quick, easy and convenient way to fulfill most of your cooking needs. However, versatile electric pressure cookers with numerous functions can cause many questions to arise while using them.

To help make cooking easier for you, we’ve decided to answer some of the most frequently asked questions about electric pressure cookers.

What’s the Capacity?

Electric pressure cookers will come in a variety of sizes and hold different capacities depending on what type you purchase, but common measurements for the capacity of these kitchen appliances are 6 and 8 quarts.

How do I Set the Cooking Time?

The cooking presets on your electric pressure cooker signify different cooking times and styles for various types of food. Simply hitting these buttons generally will set a cook time automatically, but this time can often time be adjusted manually for a more specific time.

Can I Adjust the Pressure?

Yes, much like the cooking time, the cooking pressure of your electric pressure cooker can be set using the preset buttons or manually.

Can I Slow Cook, Sauté or Brown Foods?

Electric pressure cookers tend to have a slow cook feature that cooks food at a low pressure. Some electric pressure cookers have buttons that allow you to brown or sauté food, but if not, these effects can generally be achieved by cooking at one of the higher preset temperatures with the lid off.

When is it Safe to Remove the Lid?

Be sure not to remove the lid of your electric pressure cooker while it’s cooking. Once all the pressure is released, the lid may be removed. If the lid is difficult to open, then the electric pressure cooker is still pressurized and you should not force it open.

Will my Meal Remain Hot?

Yes, electric pressure cookers typically have “Keep Warm” modes that will automatically switch on when your cook time has elapsed.


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